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After seeing a large parcel of land laying out there unused, two friends saw it as a great opportunity to start up something new. This land was quite extensive and the friends thought it would be great to build a golf course that would be different than most courses. They suggested to set up the golf course which would allow players to enjoy themselves to the fullest while playing. The fact that one is a real estate founder made it make more sense as the knowledge could be used while establishing the golf course. Being conversant with landscape architecture by the other was another strength that made it possible to come up with the idea.

This destination is one giving a lot of fun to those who go to play the game and those not taking part in playing at the same time. People could also play other games such as bocce ball in the estate since there were beautiful courts designed for this game. A person can also enjoy a drink from the sports bar which has glass walls making it possible to see the happenings going on from inside the bar. The glass walls can be collapsed to make the bar be used for some indoor functions as well as some outdoor functions. Several fireplaces are also built which can be great places for friends to gather up and have meetings or just chat. The place is designed to make it possible to hold private dinners with venues that can accommodate around ten people each.

If clients want a place for meeting requiring accommodation for many people they can use an outdoor place set up for this reason. Most golf courses and clubs are designed for those people who are rich but this one is suitable for any person regardless of wealth. This means that any one person can enjoy common activities found in prestigious golf courses at an affordable price and more activities. During leisure time one can link up with friends to play golf and spend some time together in this wonderful place.

The golf course is designed to have all the essential requirements and they are even enhanced to give a better experience to players. The field is uniform and it is possible to walk around in any type of clothing or shoes without fear of accidents or inconvenience. The houses near the course are well built and among other estates, these ones are highly regarded and ranked. The houses are designed by renown developers to provide the best homes for clients to make them comfortable. The estate stands out due to having great utilities for residents and those visiting.

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