How to Advertise Your Local Band & Build Brand Awareness

Advertising Your Local Band

New bands are popping up all the time, all over the country – and a lot of them are really great. If you believe your band is one of the greats but haven’t been able to get your name out there as well as you’d like, then you may need to reassess how you are advertising your band and building brand awareness.

One of the biggest mistakes that bands make is solely focusing all of their attention on Facebook. If all of your time and promotional efforts are going into Facebook, then you are going to fail. You need to approach your advertising and promotion from multiple angles. Utilize both digital and traditional marketing to reach a larger audience and build strong brand recognition.

As Digital Music News suggests “Physical promotional materials are still incredibly important. Get out into the world and put up some posters and hand out some flyers. Don’t spend all of your time on Facebook.” Use customized vinyl lettering stickers with your band name to put on your vehicles, equipment or even to hand out to fans. Other promotional gifts and materials are also a great way to spread awareness. Hand out free t-shirts, guitar picks, or even re-usable water bottles with your band’s name on them.

Invest In Paid Advertising

If you’re going to use Facebook a lot, then consider investing some money into paid advertising. Posting on Facebook a bunch isn’t going to help build your brand effectively because your posts are mostly just being seen by your existing followers and even then, only about 1{b3151e16de950ce7e8eda84bc1336911110e7207be1ec26726e1c7f103eef69c} of your followers will see each post.

Investing a few hundred dollars on promotional content can really make an impact on your brand awareness. One of the best ways to make the most of your content promotion is to create a post with a sample music video and a link to watch the full music video for free online. This will allow potential fans to check you out without having to commit to a purchase of a concert ticket or music download without knowing if they first like your music.

Sponsored posts on Facebook aren’t expensive so you can reach thousands of potential fans with only a few hundred dollars. But make sure that you make the most of your investment by targeting the right audience in your campaign. One of the easiest ways to do this is by creating a lookalike audience. By using your existing fan base and followers on your Facebook page, the system can find like-minded individuals who would likely be interested in your type of music.

Another route to take is utilizing Google AdWords to promote your YouTube videos. If you have a music video on YouTube, you can promote through AdWords. For most advertising it will only cost 5 to 10 cents per view which is a great way to increase the exposure of your band without having to spend very much.