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The Factors that may Affect the Price of Diamond

For most jewelry, diamonds make the perfect accent because of the beautiful glow it makes. You can even see that the standard ring men give to their women when proposing has a beautiful diamond in it. But do you know that the price of the diamond may vary depending on the certain determining factors that most jewelers set as their standards? In this article, we will help you know more about the things that can affect the pricing of diamonds so that you will know what are the factors that affect its market value.

One of the most important factors that can affect the price of diamonds is the history or the number of years in which such jewel is being owned and who has owned it. It can be hard to deny that a certain piece of diamond can have a very rich history because diamonds are being formed for over billions of years ago. Some of the most expensive diamonds are those that were once owned by famous personalities in history and these are the diamonds that can be usually seen in museums and collector’s shops. Yet there are also many other historical values that can affect the price of a certain diamond piece if you wish to sell or buy it.

The carat weight is also very important when it comes to pricing diamonds because the weight of this precious jewel is measured in carats. This means that the higher the carat weight of a certain diamond is, the higher will its market value be. It does not really mean that if a diamond is large enough, its market value is also high because at the end of the day, it will still depend on its carat weight. The basic carat weight of diamonds are 2 to 10 carats but if you are looking for a more expensive piece, a 24-carat diamond is a good option for you.

The way a certain diamond looks can also help you determine its market value because most of the jewelers nowadays are very keen about its color and the shape of how it is cut. These days, diamonds are cut in various shapes such as oval, pear and many other designs depending on how it should be used. But the thing about these shapes is that they are priced differently because each shape can affect its market value. However, it is not only the shape of the diamond that affects its price because its color can also determine how much will a certain diamond be because it will all depend on how rare or clear its color is.

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