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Access Control Systems

Access control systems are best explained as those systems placed at the entrances and exits of buildings, where you use a card, fingerprint, or retina scan to get in or out. You would not be wrong if you thought of it that way. Access control systems will give a building even more security than before. The fact that they introduce a more effective and efficient process makes them the best for most commercial premises. Here are some of the reasons why.

The payroll management process becomes much easier to manage for you. The fact that there is the digital component means that data can be sent to the relevant departments about the movements of your employees. It is how human resources, for instance, can easily know who is at work, what time they came in, where they were stationed, what time they left, and also get a summary of their monthly attendance report.

You will notice an upgrade in the security of your premises. Access to the building will not be open to just anyone, as you need to be recognized to be allowed through. It goes further and offers limited access to specific areas, depending on your job description and position in the organization structure. A good example is the specific floors you can access using the lift, depending on what you do in the company. Such systems also go as far as incorporating individual schedules into their access protocols. If you were to come in to work when you are not supposed to, the system would not allow you in. Such improved and focused security gives you peace of mind knowing those who are in different areas are not a threat, and are in fact meant to be there.

The system also makes for more manageable expenses. A good way of showing this is the access control panels available at the printing and photocopying stations. When someone needs to print something, they have to authorize the machines to do so using their pass. Your organization ends up with fewer unlawful and unnecessary printing incidences, and also proper records of all printing activities. You will, therefore, notice a reduction in wasting of printing resources, accountability in each department, and perseveration of the environment.

You will also have fewer costs to cover in case there are human resource review exercises. In case, for instance, you have to fire an employee, you need not worry about security as all you have to do is cancel their profile in the system. Changes in the system means their biometric info will no longer allow them access to those areas they could earlier. If you still relied on locks and keys, the process of changing all those locks and keys in would be quite costly.

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