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Learn The Various Benefits Of OKRs

The OKRs goal-setting process has been implemented successfully by most of the prominent companies out there. This means that it is a strategy that can bring about the success of your business. OKRs model focuses on expressing the goals of the company effectively and powerfully. Therefore, the way the mission and vision of a particular company are brought put is such that it helps to engage the employees. When this happens, the top goals and priorities are understood to everyone.

For those that are new to OKRs, they may be wondering just why they should start using it. It is thus essential and critical that businesses understand the meaning of OKRs and its role in their business. In this article, we explain the various benefits of OKRs.

The first benefit of OKRs is ensuring that there is a focus during the goal-setting process. As you set OKRs you are usually limited to various option. Although you can always be allowed to come up with more than one objective, they can never be more than seven. When coming up with key results, they can never exceed five. This means you will have fewer things to focus on. This ensures that whatever you come up with will be really easy to focus on. Prioritizing will be easy when you have everything put in the order of urgency.

As well, with OKRs, you are able to achieve alignment. Once top objectives are determined and brought out for everyone, then it is time to work on their achievement. There is a shift from the planning process to the execution and implementation processes. Everyone ties their daily activities to the vision of the company. This is the actual alignment process. The value and role of the process or transition is really important. Companies that are highly aligned always end up being top performers.

OKRs also help to bring about commitment. There has to be commitment after focus and alignment. Everyone has got to commit to the achievement of the OKRs. This means roles, schedules, as well as resources, will have to be adjusted to meet the set objectives. However, each of the team members has got to show their input towards OKRs achievements. Transparency and alignment help to ensure commitment.

The tracking process is a vital component of the OKRs. Every objective requires to be tracked with the use of the various metrics set. Weekly checkups and tracking are preferred as opposed to daily ones. The process of tracking is essential and important and helps to ensure everyone, and everything is in check. There can never be space for slippage.
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